quarta-feira, 20 de março de 2013

Agenda de Theotonio Dos Santos em Pequim

Já vimos a  agenda geral da viagem a China, sobretudo em Shangai. Recebo agora mais detalhes sobre a visita a Pequim:

So here is a detailed schedule for your visit in Beijing:

March 27:

8:00am Departure from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (MU5101) (I appologize for the very early flight, but hope an

             early arrvial may give you some time to rest after lunch)

10:20am Arrival at Beijing

2:00pm Talk an the Academy of Marxism (CASS): Planetary Transition towards Socialism?

5:00pm Dinner at CASS

March 28:

9:00am Talk in the Institute of Latin Amercia Studies (CASS): South/South Cooperation and the Role of Social  

              Sciences -- With Latin America as an Example

12:00 Noon Lunch at the Institute of Latin Amercia Studies

2:00pm Visit Social Science Archive Press (Prof. Zhu Debin)

March 29:

Sightseeing in Beijing