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Theotonio dos Santos será o distinguido conferencista da Assembléia Inaugural do 5th Fórum Mundial de Estudos sobre a China

Organizado pelo Instituto de Estudos Chineses da Academia de Ciências Sociais de Shangai, realizar-se-á entre 9 e 11 de Novembro de 2012, o V Fórum Mundial de Estudos sobre a China. Caberá ao Professor Theotonio Dos Santos pronunciar a Conferência Inaugural deste Encontro. O interesse dos cientistas sociais chineses pela obra do cientista social brasileiro tem se mostrado muito amplo com a edição de 6 livros dele pela Academia de Ciências Sociais da China. Neste momento, foi colocado à venda o seu penúltimo livro: Do Terror à Esperança: Auge e Declínio do Neoliberalismo.

PAN Weilin
Program coordinator,
The 5th World Forum on China Studies

I am very honored to be invited by professor HUANG Renwei to be a distinguished speaker at the Opening Plenary Session of the 5hWorld Forum on China Studies. I expected to transmit you the interest of a large community of social sciences researchers in the world in the study of the rich Chinese experience of development and your social effort to established a better quality of life for humanity and your fight for a better world international order. In the expectation to collaborate with the 5th World Forum, I send also my friendly regards to Professors HUANg Renwei, Su Zhenxing,

Theotonio Dos Santos

Distinguished Professor of the Federal Fluminense University; President of the UNESCO and United Nations University Chair on Global Economy and Sustainable Development."

"Dear Dr. Theotonio dos Santos,

It gives me great pleasure to send you the attached letter from Professor Huang Renwei, Secretary-General of the World Forum on China Studies, to inquire about your possibility of attending the 5th World Forum on China Studies.

Professor Huang himself has met with you several times at the conferences sponsored by the China Center for Contemporary World Studies. He has been greatly impressed by your speeches. Also, your mutual friend, Professor Su Zhenxing from the CASS Institute of Latin American Studies, has warmly
recommended you to be one of our distinguished speakers at the plenary session. 

This 5th Forum, focusing on China and the World in the Coming Decade,will take place in Shanghai during November 9-12, 2012. We wish you could honor this biennial gathering with your presence and meet with many other outstanding scholars in and beyond the field of China Studies from all over the world.

Please note that, together with Professor Huang's preliminary invitation, there is a background release of the Forum, which provides more information that you might take an interest in. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

PAN Weilin
Program coordinator,
The 5th World Forum on China Studies"

"Inviting Dr. Theotonio dos Santos to Be a Distinguished Speaker at the WFCS

May 16, 2012

Dear Dr. Theotonio dos Santos,

    It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the 5th World Forum on China Studies (or WFCS), sponsored by the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal Government, and organized by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, will take place during November 10-11, 2012. This is a high-end biennial event dedicated to reflecting on global challenges while fostering an informed understanding of China.
Based on your great achievements in the “new dependency” theory, and also as recommended by Professor Su Zhenxing, the former director of the CASS Institute of Latin American Studies, I, on behalf of the organizing committee of the 5th WFCS, feel honored to invite you to attend our upcoming Forum as a distinguished speaker in its opening plenary session. Stung by the global financial crisis, the Chinese audiences and the international China Studies community look forward to hearing your most recent observations of the internal and external relations of developing countries with China as a case in point.
Having met you several times at the meetings organized by the China Center for Contemporary World Studies, the International Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, I am convinced that you are in the best position to deliver a key-note speech of around 30 minutes at the 5th Forum that focuses on China in the world of the coming decade. To facilitate your attendance, round-trip first-class fares, an honorarium as well as local accommodations will be provided. It is sincerely expected that you will have the time and interest to participate in our Forum.
Please find the details of the Forum in the attached information release. If you have any question, you are welcome to contact Ms. PAN Weilin, our Forum coordinator, at Chinaforum@sass.org.cn .
Thank you for your attention and your early reply is appreciated.

Cordially yours,

HUANG Renwei 

The 5th World Forum on China Studies"


Time: November 9-12, 2012

Location: Shanghai, China

Forum Schedule: November 9, 2012: Registeration
November 10, 2012: Plenary Session and Roundtables
November 11, 2012: Parallel Panels and Closing Ceremony
November 12, 2012: City Tour and Departure

General Information

The Organizing Committee of the World Forum on China Studies is delighted to announce that the 5th Forum, themed on China in the World of the Coming Decade, will be held in Shanghai during November 9-12, 2012.    
This Forum is co-sponsored by the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal Government, and co-organized by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and the Information Office of the Shanghai Municipality. As a continuation of the previous forums, the 5th Forum aims to promote mutual understanding and academic interchange among Chinese and overseas scholars. We are open to fresh and creative perspectives, approaches and ideas concerning historical and contemporary topics in China Studies.

Forum Theme
“Win-win Transformation: China in the World of the Coming Decade”

China and the rest of the world will both experience broad and deep structural and institutional transformation in the coming decade, with almost all the major countries facing tough challenges of domestic reform and sustainable development. Internationally, any zero-sum game mentality could only give rise to more crises and conflicts, while win-win cooperation may pave the way for smooth transformation and effective governance. China, with its new strategic thinking and policy options, remains committed to promoting peace and development of the Asia-Pacific region, of the world as well as of its own. Invited keynote speakers will address this most exciting theme from different perspectives in the opening plenary session on the first day of the forum, followed by two parallel round-table conferences for further discussions on the same theme.

Round-table One:
China’s Interaction with and Integration into the International System”

Building on the theme of the Forum, this round-table conference will probe into the trend of China’s full-scale interaction with, and integration into, the international system in the coming decade, with the emphasis laid on the relations between the peaceful rise of China and the transformation of the international system. The ongoing profound changes in the global power structures, the international economic system, the international security pattern, the international governance regime, and the international ideological tendency will all have a palpable bearing on China’s evolution in the respective fields. This roundtable conference is expected to address those far-reaching developments in a prospective manner.

Round-table Two:
 China’s Historical Choice of Its Path in the Past Hundred Years”
The past hundred years witnessed drastic changes in China’s domestic      setting as well as its relationship with the outside world. Such changes have always constituted a hugely interesting and perplexing topic of scholarship, both Chinese and overseas. This round-table conference will delve into such topics as (1) “the dissemination of Western learning” and the evolution of the Chinese worldview, (2) the mutation of the Chinese understanding of the West “from the 1898 Reform to the 1911 Revolution”, (3) “the Russian Road” and the Chinese acceptance and adaptation of Marxism, and (4) “Reform and Opening-up” and the Chinese probing for Socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Panel One
“Global Economic Rebalancing and China’s Economic Transformation”
     Possible topics include
n  Potentials and limits to China’s hyper economic growth
n  Approaches to new type of industrialization and urbanization
n  Improvement of the Chinese socialist market economic system
n  RMB internationalization and the reallocation of global resources

Panel Two
China’s Social Transformation and Innovations in State Governance”
     Possible topics include
n  A new pattern of the social interest structures in China
n  Social development and the reincarnation of social justice
n  Networking communities and new media assuming new roles
n  Chinese-styled democracy and innovations in governance

Panel Three
“Worldwide Cultural Integration and the Chinese Cultural Development”
     Possible topics include
n  Diffusion of Confucianism in the perspective of universal values
n  Diversity and affinity of the Chinese spiritual life
n  Creativity and competitiveness of the contemporary Chinese culture
n  Cross-cultural exchange and the Chinese culture “going global”

Panel Four
“New International Environment and the Reshaping of China’s Role”
     Possible topics include
n  Chinese strategy: conventional thinking and theoretical innovations
n  Changes of the international system and China’s reorientation
n  Asia’s geo-structural changes and the building of common interests
n  China’s international image and the recasting of its media environment

Panel Five
China Studies: Its Development and Future Implications”
     Possible topics include
n  Evolution of China Studies as a research program
n  Reflections on the research paradigms of China Studies
n  Inner structures and theoretical growth of China Studies
n  Implications of China Studies in a broad social perspective

Requirements and Subsidies
Paper submission and active participation are requested as usual. The organizing committee of the Forum will provide travel subsidies as well as local accommodations once the paper is officially accepted. The specific amount of travel subsidies will be notified individually in the official invitation for the eligible participants.

Contact Details
The Shanghai International Base of Social Science Innovation
The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
1610 Zhongshan Road West, Shanghai 200235, China
TELEPHONE: 0086-21-64862266 ext. 27381
FAX: 0086-21-64860193
Ms. PAN Weilin, Chinaforum@sass.org.cn