quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2012

PEKEA assina manifesto

Alertados por Theotonio dos Santos, PEKEA apóia manifesto alemão pela renovação da economia como ciência social. 

"Dear Colleagues, 

 We have just been aware of the memorandum you have launched last March in the German speaking world by Theotonio Dos Santos who is honorary President of the Scientific Committee of PEKEA, a network we launched in 2002 to build a Political and Ethical Knowledge in Economic Activities. Thus we approved fully your memorandum and we will sign it; please find herewith the basic Argument of PEKEA and I any interest please go to the English version of our Website: http://en.pekea-fr.org. 

You may be willing to join, please write to Ms Tifenn LECLERCQ, PEKEA Administrative Officer,

Best regards Marc Humbert Pr University of Rennes, for the moment Visiting Scholar, Ritsumeikan University, Japan 

The idea of PEKEA had emerged in 2001, on the basis of a general argument to build a Political and Ethical Knowledge on Economic Activities. The conference of Santiago de Chile (2002) specified fundamental principles as a framework to guide the research programme. The first conference in Rennes (2003) began the construction of the four knowledge blocks addressing the issue of the societal value. It was underlined the necessary ethical request for a motivation by the respect of dignity for all. In Bangkok (2004) we explored what could be a feasible common future in this perspective and it led to acknowledge that there is a demanding responsibility. The two motives for action therefore are: dignity and responsibility. Again in Rennes (2005) PEKEA discussed the trend towards the primacy of Economy which is imperilling democracy and requests to escape to the dangers, the commitment of everyone, what means to focus on the role of citizenship. Finally, in Dakar (2006), PEKEA analysed the interactions between the individual and the collective showing that loyalty makes, along with citizenship, the necessary devices to build a "good society". (Go to http://en.pekea-fr.org/?p=11 to read the papers presented during these conferences)"