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Boletim Semanal - Artigos Acadêmicos

O artigo da diretora da REGGEN Monica Bruckmann serve de fundamento para a Escola Livre de Verão de Filosofia da antiga Yugoslavia. Meus cumprimentos a Monica pela impressionante repercussão internacional deste e de outros trabalhos seus.

Summer school - Monica Bruckman: Let the poor Peruvians stop cadge!

The new edition of the Free Summer School of Philosophy presents an overview of the situation in Peru through the text Monica Bruckman - sociologist and researcher in the field of political science. Strong state repression in that country produces kontraefekt - population rises against the privatization of natural and energy resources, as well as against a series of neoliberal measures. Translated text is taken from the September of this year's editions of Le Monde Diplomatique's, and was published in the script no. 48 .

In February 2008., Two peasants were executed by police that was supposed to prevent the blockage of roads throughout the agricultural strike in the region of Ayacucho. A few days later, Peruvian President Alan Garcia said: "The police acted with much conviction and determination and I congratulate her, it's really good to defend Peru. Let it serve as a lesson to those who publicly incites a strike and riots, let them know where it leads. "

These threats to rely on the legal apparatus set up during the government of Alberto Fujimori, who is the government of Alan Garcia has intensified. It allows the criminalization of social movements and the impunity of the armed forces in repressive actions. Just as the police have the authority to freely use the weapons against the demonstrators and not have to answer before the law for injuries caused by the death. Demonstrators are considered "violent" and could get 25 years in prison. Authorities in support of strikes also condemned the "violence". Anyone can be arrested without warrant and ten days remain without contact with the outside world. Police may intervene in the investigation without the consent of the plaintiffs. Fujimori's government summoned the help of paramilitary groups, while Garcia has created a legal framework that legalized their activities. Para continuar lendo, clique aqui para baixar o artigo.

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