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Formation of new political economy association for Africa‏

Vimos chamando a atenção para uma verdadeira virada intelectual em marcha. O pensamento crítico do mainstrean neoliberal e liberal conservador está em amplo crescimento. Está em marcha uma Associação Mundial de Economia Política (com base na China, no Japão e nos EE.UU.) que já produziu 3 congressos; a Sociedade Latinoamericana de Economia Política (SEPLA) está em pleno funcionamento, assim como várias iniciativas nacionais de muito interesse, agora vemos a formação de uma associação de economia política para a África. Vejam a nota seguinte:

African Association for Promoting Political Economy (AAPPE)

Association Africaine d’Economie Politique (AAEP), in French

Launch Meeting Report

The African Association for Promoting Political Economy (AAPPE) was launched on the 13th of July, 2011, in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) during the conference « Dynamiques de croissance au sein de l’UEMOA » (12-14 of July 2011), organised by the West African Economic and Monetary Union, WAEMU. The conference gathered together over one hundred Africanist researchers and offered an unprecedented opportunity for taking this initiative. In the first instance, administrative support will be provided by the « Economic Analysis and Research » wing of the Strategic Planning Unit of the WAEMU Commission, although it remains entirely independent of the latter.

AAPPE aims at the construction, consolidation, renewal and promotion of economic analyses by virtue of pluralistic methodological and theoretical foundations, being open across different schools of economic thought and to inter-disciplinary collaboration with other social and human sciences. It seeks to recapture the spirit of the traditional project of classical political economy in straddling what are now the separate disciplines constituting social science. Such an intellectual endeavour has today largely been thwarted by the unduly narrow, technical focus of mainstream economics, and its corresponding pretensions of emulating the natural sciences. This has rendered it generally unsuitable for providing the relevant discourse and knowledge required for the understanding of capitalist and developing economies, especially those of Africa. More specifically, after thirty years of structural adjustment, it is imperative to re-establish more critical and constructive approaches to the economic and social
progress of the African continent.

Contact to register interest in AAPPE: Kako NUBUKPO

Chef du Pôle « Analyse Economique et Recherche » de la Commission de l’UEMOA.
e-mail: knubukpo@uemoa.int

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