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Notícias na Índia

Matéria jornalística na Índia sobre a profa. Monica Brukman, diretora executiva da REGGEN, e o prof. Theotonio dos Santos,presidente da REGGEN, sobre mudanças no movimento popular na América Latina, repercutindo recente participação de ambos em atividades acadêmicas por lá.

‘Polls bringing in changes in Latin American people’s movements’

Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI, Feb 18 – Elections have become a real instrument in the hands of the South American people to usher in changes. There is a strong process of integration in South America, where the movements of the indigenous peoples emerged from the resistance they offered to the colonial forces.

These were the observations made by Prof Monica Bruckmann, a university teacher as well as a feminist sociologist of Peru. She was delivering a lecture on indigenous people's movements in Latin America in the city on February 16 at a function jointly organised by noted publishers' firm Anwesha, NE Region Union Bank Employees' Association and Ninand.

She said that the colonial forces were projecting the Western civilisation as the model to attain success. Other civilisations are painted by these forces as barbaric. But in fact, the enormous destructive capacity of Western civilisation has destabilised the indigenous societies in Latin America.

The peoples of Latin America are on the way of a radical break with their colonial legacy and the contemporary indigenous people's movement is a new element in this era, she said.

The process of integration that has been initiated by these movements led to the formation of an association of the indigenous peoples in July 2006. This is a significant development so far as the movements of the indigenous peoples of South America are concerned.

Moreover, there has been an attempt at integrating the indigenous peoples beyond the geo-political boundaries of the nation states. This process of integration also led to the unity of the indigenous peoples of North America. Even, sections of the non-indigenous peoples of Bolivia have also joined the movement of the indigenous peoples.

The difference of the communities and ideologies are no bar in integrating these movements in Latin America, she said.

Prof Theotoneo Dos Santos of Brazil, who holds the UNESCO chair on global economics and sustainable developments, said in his address that the Latin America had been moving through a new era of consciousness. People here have become the sources of the movements and not the doctrines, he said.

He, however, maintained that though there was a strong movement of the indigenous peoples in Peru and Colombia, the movement was yet to attain the character of a popular movement.

But, the movements of the Latin American indigenous peoples are adapting to the changes taking place in their region and preparing themselves accordingly, he said.

Prof Udayan Mishra conducted the function. Earlier, Dr Akhil Ranjan Dutta of Gauhati University introduced Prof Dos Santos and Prof Bruckmann. source: assam tribune

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